As another year comes to an end, we hope you had a peaceful holiday season. We sincerely hope we will ALL have a better New Year! Your support has continued to help save lives, and for that we are forever grateful. 

We hope you will pick us this year as your charity for tax deductible, End-of-Year donations. Since LNF was founded almost 9 years ago (2/24/04), we have rescued 430 dogs, finding 421 of them wonderful homes. With your help, I know that we can hold on until this recession passes. 

I've always said there is a very special place in Heaven for those who adopt rescued dogs and love them until they take their final breath. There is a Penthouse Suite for those who adopt our Seniors, our Broken Dogs, our wonderful but not so pretty dogs. Our adopters allow us to save their lives and make room for us to save another life.     Equally as important are the charitable donations we receive so that we can continue to care for our rescued dogs until they can find their forever homes.

LNF is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, so all donations are 100% deductible.   We take major credit cards and PayPal on our website A copy of our tax receipt can be printed here  that you can complete yourself for your tax records. 
Marleen Oetzel, Founder/Director 

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  We have also been accepted in the United Way in Delaware as a write in. Our United Way Logonumber is: 11173.

If only 100 adopters/friends/sponsors offered a pledge of $10-$20 a month, that would generate a monthly income of $2,000 a month which would guarantee we will still be here in 2013 to save lives - which is all we want to do!







If we rescued your dog(s) then you know how important our work is!




Our current dogs and our future rescue dogs need your help. Monthly pledges would allow us to keep saving the lives of pups and dogs in high kill shelters & take care of the ones we already have. Our dog food bill alone is over well over $650 every 5 weeks. 




With our “DE-Sex in the City” Spay/Neuter program we are actually capable of truly stopping the severe pain and suffering of unwanted dogs which we consider the ultimate NO KILL.




100% Of Your Tax-Deductible Donation will be used to help us:  




(1) Continue to sponsor low cost “DE-Sex in the City Spay/Neuter program” 



(2) Veterinary care costs, which go above our normal costs  



(3) Grooming, Crates, Beds, Food, Treats, Toys, Heartworm & Flea medication

  (4) Gas, tolls, and our overall daily operating expenses for LNF Dog Rescue No-Kill Adoption Center 

You may also mail your gift to: 
Lost and Found Dog Rescue Adoption Center
PO Box 10366 ~ Wilmington DE 19850

 Lost and Found Dog Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. 
All donations and proceeds are tax-deductible. 
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