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 Be Responsible - Don't Litter - Let's Spay & Neuter!  

This is our Penny. This is what she looked like in KY after spending 3 weeks at the end of chain with no food. She literally gnawed her front & bottom teeth down the gums to get off the chain. She also had her last 6 puppies who died outside in the dirt & her only survivor Lenny died of Parvo.
We have entered her in our annual HSUS World Spay Day Photo Contest Fundraiser. Penny is to us why we need to provide low/no cost spay/neuters of *other people's* animals - for the sake of the animals.  We need to keep them from being born to die.
She is now so beautiful, a true rescue miracle. Please Vote/Donate for
Penny at this link. Every *penny* donated will be used to provide low/no cost Spay/Neutering. Your donations will keep other dogs & puppies & cats & kittens from ending up like she did.
Penny Before & After 
Penny Spay Day Photo  
Our program has gone National - we now have LNF Spay/Neuter Advocates in LA, NC, KY, NJ, IN & the entire state of DE
We would be happy to help anyone's pet from having unwanted
kittens & puppies. 

This Low Cost SPAY / NEUTER program designed to help families with low/fixed income.  (proof may be required)

Low cost spay & neuter program for pups/dogs & cats   

Low Cost Spay/Neuter is the only way to keep the animals from suffering by starving to death or terrified in a shelter. We believe that this is the one and only true way to be able to head toward being a NO kill state.  

We want to keep dogs from ending up like this poor dog.   conall2

Spay Neuter

 For an appointment, please call Marleen @  302-613-0394 or e-mail:    

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