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  HAVE A HEART - Donate a bed to a homeless pet! 
Donate a Bed
Kuranda Bed#2
Our rescue dogs LOVE to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone.

If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please click here.


Lost and Found Dog Rescue Wish List for 2008
Lost and Found Dog Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. 
All donations and proceeds are tax-deductible. 
EID: 55-0874385  
We have also been accepted in the United Way in Delaware as a write in.
Our United Way Logonumber is: 11173.
As we about to celebrate our 4th year on February 24th 2008 & just had our 328th adoption - we are asking you to consider:

~ A recurring pledge of just $10 per month for 2008 -  Our goal is 300 Adopters/Sponsors which would generate a
monthly income of $3,000 a month.

~ A one-time tax-deductible donation -- a receipt will be provided.

beaverdam food logo
#2 - Beaverdam Dog Food & Treats
(Cleven's will deliver them to us!)

#3 -  Nylabones

#4 Milkbones - Medium to Large

#5 - Gift cards for PetSmart, Petco & Concord Pets

#6 -  A video camera to put our dogs on the website

#7 - A scanner so we can download pictures of our dogs

To make a donation by credit card,
please use this link below:

Credit Card All in One Logo 

Amount: $

Or choose PayPal to submit your sponsorship donation:

You may also mail donations to:

Lost and Found Dog Rescue Adoption Center
PO Box 10366
Wilmington DE 19850

Animated Logo
We use Beaverdam food exclusively for all our rescue dogs & our own dogs. We highly recommend it to everyone we know and to all our adopters. The reason we do is:

(1) The dogs LOVE IT ...

(2) I LOVE IT because the quality is so good that it causes a very FIRM POOP -- always one of my favorite things with the volume of dogs we deal with!

Perhaps most important to me, the main reason we switched to Beaverdam is because the dog food actually has an expiration date within 1 year. Unlike most dog & human foods that use so many preservatives they do not expire for 2-5 YEARS!!

Of course this is just anecdotal, and I can not prove this -- but many of us feel that the cancer rate in dogs is so high because it *could* stem from the chemicals and preservatives that are used in them.

(4) Tracy Clevens DELIVERS the food to my front door FREE! Yeah!
Marleen Oetzel, Adoption/Foster Coordinator
for Lost and Found Dog Rescue Adoption Center, Inc.


Great Prices with FREE Delivery

P.O. Box 973
Middletown, DE  19709
(fax) 302.376.6685