This beautiful baby was killed by (2) Chained Great Danes!

If we un-chained dogs more children would not be killed or harmed and dogs would be free like this

We did it! Raised $3,825.00 for Mother's Against Chaining Dogs --

Online Donors to date: July 16th 2010           Raised $3,825.00 thanks to all of YOU!
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Sandy Lock (Dee Jay's Mom) 7/16/2010 $25.00 In honor of our X-chained dear boy Dee Jay & L&F Rescue 
Lost and Found Dog Rescue NO-KILL Adoption Center 7/9/2010 $25.00 In loving memory of our Handsome Jake who we freed from the end of a chain!  
Rachel Goorland 7/9/2010 $50.00 Sorry Debbie & I couldn't support you in person, good luck! 
Mike Butts 7/9/2010 $25.00 Marleen, thank you for what you do to save our innocent animals!  
Marleen Oetzel/Founder/Director L&F Dog Rescue 7/7/2010 $100.00 In loving memory of each dog who died from heat, freezing, thirsty, hungry & unloved ...  
Marleen Oetzel/Founder/Director of L&F Dog Rescue 7/7/2010 $100.00 In loving memory of all the children we as a society have allowed to die or be maimed 
joanne,blu,shorty,bear,jena and sheba 7/6/2010 $115.00 in loving memory of my departed pets 
Faye 7/6/2010 $25.00 You are amazing, Marleen. What better advocate can these dogs have?  
Arlene Loveland 7/6/2010 $100.00 In loving memory of my friend Evelyn's brother Walter Nichols 
Barbara Wilkinson 7/6/2010 $25.00 L&F Dog Rescue Volunteer 
Jane's mom and dad 7/5/2010 $25.00  
Julie, Mark, Calista & Lucy Matchen 7/5/2010 $25.00 God Bless You! 
Denise Stewart 7/5/2010 $100.00  
beth 7/5/2010 $20.00 marleen, you are simply the best!! 
Alie Corday & John Young 7/4/2010 $50.00 In honor of Cody Bear 
maggie may and chelz belz 7/3/2010 $20.00 in memory of brandi 
Yana, Cocoa and Mariah Bishop 7/3/2010 $25.00  
Clients of Dogtopia Doggy Day Care & Spa 7/2/10 7/3/2010 $75.00 Keep up the great work - great cause!  
Donna, Kelly and Kyle Jenkins 7/2/2010 $35.00 No animal should be born to be imprisoned - lose the chains- save a child and a dog! 
Rosa Ramos & Blanca Torres 7/2/2010 $47.00 Thank you for caring about the kids AND the dogs! 
Tammy @ First State Pet Valet 7/1/2010 $20.00 Awesome goal & Great Cause, Marlene! Good Luck! 
Zoie, Kayla, Mandy, Nikki & Fiona 7/1/2010 $50.00 No BODY should live at the end of chain. With love, D's  
Hank Fisher 7/1/2010 $25.00 Be safe and don't get dehydrated 
Mary Oetzel 6/30/2010 $25.00 Marleen, you are one in a million! Wish I had a million to donate. 
Susan Veasey 6/30/2010 $50.00 Go get'em Marleen! (from Wendee) 
Marion and Margo 6/30/2010 $25.00  
Arlene & Ed Loveland - Total Donation of $1,000 6/30/2010 $500.00 How many people would do what you are doing? We're donating a total $1,000 for this great cause!  
Arlene & Ed Loveland 6/29/2010 $500.00 In Honor of Loni, Hazel, Sheila & Puff, all L&F Dog Rescue Girls!  
Genny, Lynn, Brian and Patrick 6/29/2010 $25.00 Marleen we are so proud of you!  
Buzzy's Bow Wow Meow 6/29/2010 $100.00 The law must be changed prohibiting dogs to be chained. 
Blaze 6/28/2010 $100.00  
From your friends in rescue 6/28/2010 $100.00 You are a warrior! So proud of you!  
Daisy (yellow lab mix) 6/28/2010 $25.00 Thanks for helping all my other buddies. I want all dogs to have a good home like I got. 
CANINE Cancer Research USA 6/28/2010 $100.00 It takes a special kind of person to do this. 
Ruth Whitlock 6/28/2010 $25.00 God Bless You for doing this! 
Peggy Roeder 6/28/2010 $300.00 Your dedication literally takes my breath away 
Kelly, Jake & Trevor Roeder 6/28/2010 $25.00 Your unwavering support of the animals continues to amaze us!  
Becky & Conall Renshaw 6/28/2010 $50.00 No More Chained Dogs!! 
sherry,katie,nicole,stephen & corrie 6/28/2010 $24.00 thank you for doing this Marleen  
Susan and Peter Rucci 6/27/2010 $10.00 Marleen, you are the best. We appreciate the love you gave our Sadie 
Ginny O'Connell 6/27/2010 $25.00  
Larry Angert 6/27/2010 $50.00 Thank you, Marleen.  
Ellyn Romano 6/27/2010 $20.00 God Bless you Marlene 
Kim McCafferty 6/27/2010 $25.00  
lily 6/27/2010 $20.00 you are the best friend a dog could ever have! 
Dogtopia 6/27/2010 $50.00 Good Luck:) 
sadie, sophie and zoe 6/26/2010 $40.00 no more chains, no more suffering 
Cathy, Margaret, George, and Sadie 6/25/2010 $300.00 for Milah 
Anonymous 6/25/2010 $24.00 $1.00 a hour - worth more then that, but it's all got!  
blu, jena, bear, shorty and sheba 6/23/2010 $50.00 let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 
Gene and Mary Anne Laskowski 6/23/2010 $10.00 No More Chains means no more maimed or killed! Let's make it a law!  
Marleen Oetzel 6/23/2010 $120.00 There needs to be a law in each state to assure NO more kids are killed or maimed from chained dogs  
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