This process is strictly adhered to in order to ensure that our dogs are placed in the BEST possible FOREVER home - the BEST match for each family and the most suitable
environment in which they can thrive and grow.  Each application is reviewed on an individual basis, but our adoption process and the minimum applicant qualifications are important to us and we reserve the right to use our judgment in declining any application that does not match our criteria and experience.

 Step 1: Application
Please read our Adoption Requirements BEFORE completing your application.  If you do not meet our qualifications, your application will not be processed.  ALL applicants must complete an application on our website, and ALL questions on the application must be completely answered before we will begin processing your application.
The information contained on the application is kept strictly confidential and used solely by Lost and Found Representatives to determine adoption eligibility; it will never be used by anyone outside of our organization without your consent
Step 2: Processing
The application is pre-screened by Lost & Found Volunteers to check whether it meets the general adoption policy requirements & any additional conditions required for the particular dog applied for.  Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information or explanations missing from the application.   If it is determined that the application meets the criteria, veterinary and personal references WILL
be checked.  Applicants should have notified all references and given them permission to answer questions asked by Lost and Found representatives. 
If the representative determines, in his/her sole discretion, that the application does not fit our criteria for any of our dogs, the application will be declined. If the representative determines that your home is not the BEST fit for the dog you have applied for, you may be contacted regarding other dogs that more closely match your interests, life style, and family environment, or referred to a different adoption agency. 
Step 3: Interview
If the application has been approved, the applicant will be contacted by phone or email by the foster parent of the dog applied for to arrange a phone interview.  If the foster parent feels that it appears to be a good fit, a visit will be arranged at the foster home for the applicant and family to interact with the dog.  All (human) members of the family must be present at this meeting. 
Step 4:  Home Visit
If the interview has gone well and been approved by all parties, arrangements will be made for a representative to visit and inspect the applicant’s home and yard.  Supervised meetings of the rescue dog with any other pets may take place at this time.  Once again, if either the applicant or any Lost and Found representative determines that this is not a suitable match, you may be contacted regarding other dogs that more closely match your interests, life style, and family environment or referred to a different adoption agency.    Step 5: Adoption
If all previous steps have been completed successfully, the applicant and the Lost and Found representative will sign a contract, and payment in full must be made at this time.  This will transfer permanent ownership of the dog from Lost and Found to the owner.   

The contract gives permission for a representative to visit the home in the future, and, if the conditions of the contract have not been satisfied, Lost and Found reserves the right to remove the dog.  The contract also states that if, for any reason, the applicant is unable to keep the dog, it MUST be surrendered back to Lost and Found Dog Rescue. Finally, we reserve the right to decline anyone from this process that does not meet our criteria.

 If you do not meet our criteria  - You may want to try: or
TreeTops Rescue











Finally, we reserve the right to decline anyone from this process that does not meet our criteria.