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 LnF Dog Rescue Adoption Requirement's -  If you do not meet --- or agree with our standards you will not be approved.  

In our opinion, no better time to adopt your best new friend than the then now. Our adoption donation which is actually a payment made out directly to our Vet - is $300.

This includes:
All pups/dogs are already spayed/neutered, live in foster homes, are housebroken/or paper trained, crate-trained, up-to-date with all shots, & micro chipped. Most importantly they all have sweet & gentle dispositions & get along with other dogs.

You must have current vet references & must have raised a dog or pup as an adult. ~ We require experienced pet owners only ~ A fence is always mandatory and must be installed; we will not consider applications that do not have an installed fence. We do NOT accept any type of electric or underground fence. There are no exceptions. We only accept a physical fence 4 feet or higher. Some dogs require a higher fence, or a certain type of fence & that is noted in their profile.

Please read our adoption requirements & if qualified,  you may apply online at our website. http://www.lnfdogs.org/ 

If you are interested in a certain pup/dog, please read each profile to be sure the pup/dog matches your lifestyle.  Our strict adoption requirements are based on our years of experience & unless you can meet our minimal adoption requirements .... you will not be approved.  These are not *suggestions* that we will negotiate, these are our requirements to adopt from LnF Dog Rescue No-Kill Adoption Center.   

The adoption donation also includes: Ability to purchase Pet insurance from PetFirst, the 1st month is only $5.00 New Adopters - If you adopt a pup or dog, Petfinder and PetFirst are pleased to provide new adopters with an introductory pet insurance offer for just $5 for the first month and $14.95 each month thereafter. This plan provides $1,000 of accident and illness protection for newly adopted dogs and cats. To redeem this special offer, sign up online within 20 days of your adoption. -   
Please consider the following when choosing a particular dog
If you are older 60 & up, please consider adopting a mature dog, one that is already a few years old. There are many wonderful mature dogs (2-4 years & up) in need of homes who are passed over and often sadly die in shelters because many look for a puppy or a very young dog without considering the many advantages to having a grown dog. You would really be saving a dog's life  because puppies are easy to adopt, everyone wants them but the mature dogs need YOU!
When considering whether you would like to apply to adopt a particular dog, please do some simple math and consider how old you will be compared to the dog's potential lifespan. For example: If you are 60 and you adopt a pup that will likely live to be 14, will you be able to care for the dog properly when you are 74? It's easy to fall in love with a wonderful dog and not stop to consider something that far in the future. But one of the most common reasons dogs end up in shelters is because this was not considered in the beginning.  We all, dogs included -- deserve to spend our lives happy and loved. 
Younger dogs of all sizes are active and will require regular exercise. Smaller dogs also tend to live longer, well into their mid-teens. In order to make the best match between dog and adopter, we need to consider the potential adopter's age compared to the potential lifespan and energy level of the dog.  

We've seen too many sad stories of dogs being taken to shelters because their owners passed away or became unable to care for them. We work to rescue dogs so that they will not have to go through the trauma of losing yet another home. We would be causing the very pain that we are dedicated to stopping.