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Message From: Kimberlee January 16, 2014
I just "re-found" your site while tidying up our files for the new year. I wanted to shout out and say "hello" from California. We adopted our precious Shayla from you in 2006. She is the light of our lives and we are so glad to see that your organization is still going strong! Shayla is now a California girl (for the past 7 years now!) She loves the beach and playing in her big backyard with her adopted brother, Calvin, another rescue pup. Thank you guys, again, for saving this precious life and helping us add to our family. Hope all is well!

Message From: Judy December 26, 2013
We Adopted Janna, Thank you Marleen ( foster mom )for caring so much, you left your family Christmas day to bring her to us she fits the family great..

Message From: Bill Taylor November 14, 2013
Love your site

Message From: Peggy August 21, 2013
Just found you :-) Been searching for a local site. Thank you for being here. Can't wait to come to 1st event!!

Message From: Bernadette Bennett July 15, 2013
I just read about Freddie. I heard the lady say they were in Concordville, Pa and she was taking the dog to Delaware. I am originally from Chester and lived in Wilmington, De until 2005. I am now in Atlanta and miss home very much. What a beautiful story. Thank you for your hard work and love for animals. I hope Freddie gets well. My husband and I rescue cats and I know how much work, money, time and love animal rescue takes. Thank you again for your hard work and for saving Freddie. I will donate.

Message From: Tara June 18, 2013
I ran across the video of Freddie on youtube. What a sad video. But I think what you guys are doing is amazing! Just stopping in from Northern CA to say thank you for doing what you do!

Message From: sanjay November 21, 2012
I love your website and all the pictures and the info you put on about your dogs and puppies

Message From: Beefromgoa March 23, 2012
I have only just come across the video of Freddie's rescue and sadly I see by reading through the posts here that he passed away. I am not sure how long he was with you - but know from the few minutes of the video he knew love and kindness in his last days. You do wonderful work - Bless you

Message From: Sarah July 15, 2011
Love what you guys do for the animals. Thank you and God bless.x

Message From: Judy Hughes May 31, 2011
To the so many saviors of all the dogs that have been left to be abondoned, unhealthy, loveless,sick and only want to be LOVED. L&F has given so much more then anyone can ever imagine. That is why I am joining this group to HELP IN EVER WAY I CAN, and amy asking everyone, to PLEASE do the same. POST their site everywhere you can, help them with donations, fund raisers and anyway you can think of helping. Rascal Flatts says it all in 'UNSTOPPABLE' that is what this rescue is all about, be a PART of IT, TODAY.

Message From: betty lorey April 17, 2011
been looking for another dog shortly i have a 14 year old corgi who has renal failure and am just giving her the extra attention she needs right now but will be back to adopt some on for a forever home soon

Message From: Mardyne & Jim March 30, 2011
Ginny's 6th year anniversay with our family and we love, love, love her! She is my sweet pea and has been the best dog I have ever owned. Please don't discount older dogs and believe you should only adopt a puppy. When that sad day comes we would again take an older dog into our home.

Message From: Mary B February 7, 2011
Have been reading about you on FB. What a wonderful thing you all do. God Bless

Message From: Kelly Gartland February 2, 2011
Thank God there are people like you out there to protect these precious animals from the harsh treatments of others you are truely Gods Angels

Message From: Susan December 28, 2010
Best wishes for a successful 2011! Dedication and love go a long long way! Wendee sends her love.....

Message From: Ruth December 26, 2010
Chelly thanks you for her rescue and her 7th year in her loving home with her mother, Ruth.

Message From: Tom and Renee Kaminski & Family December 7, 2010
We are pleased to donate to your fine organization in memory of Delores T Seward

Message From: Bren Klair November 3, 2010
Wonderful site!!!

Message From: sarah October 2, 2010
i've been looking at your dogs and i think i like buttons the best he is nice kind and sweet

Message From: joy September 23, 2010
I have enjoyed seeing the personal attention and detail you have given to each dog. I feel I have really gotten to know each one!

Message From: Gary Kennett September 9, 2010
I too, think it's so wonderful what you do. I have a rescued lab, from GA, and my wife and I treat him like our son.

Message From: Bonny Castillo August 21, 2010
All my love and respect for what you are doing.

Message From: Catherine August 11, 2010
Excellent web site!

Message From: Tom clemow July 23, 2010
Thank you for being you!

Message From: Janice May 16, 2010
Looking for a friend for our 4month old rescue Cooper. God Bless you for all that you do for these dogs.